Programme takes shape

We’re delighted that, in addition to our plenary speakers, we’re going to hear papers from Zoe Beenstock (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Rowan Boyson (King’s College, Cambridge), Martina Domines Veliki (University of Zagreb), Maria Fátima Simões (University of São Paulo), Pascal Fischer (University of Würzburg), James Fowler (University of Kent), Miryam Giargia (University of Milan), Lieve Jooken (University of Ghent), Monika Lee (University of Western Ontario), Rebecca Nesvet (University of North Carolina), Joseph Pappin (University of South Carolina), Thomas Roche (University of California, Santa Barbara), Guy Rooryck (University of Ghent), Ashley Sandlin (Auburn University), James Smith (University of Manchester), Helen Stark (University of Newcastle) and Heather Williams (University of Wales).

Registration details will appear in due course on our website.