Thursday 28 June 2012

10.00-10.15     Opening remarks: Russell Goulbourne and David Higgins (University of Leeds)

10.15-11.30     Plenary 1

Gregory Dart (University College London), ‘Rousseau and the Romantic Essayists’

11.30-11.45     Tea/coffee

11.45-1.00       Session 1: Language and Translation

Lieve Jooken and Guy Rooryck (University of Ghent), ‘Britain Discovers Rousseau: The First Discours Translated’

Ashley Sandlin (Auburn University), ‘Reconfigurations of Gender Roles in Charles Burney’s Translation of Rousseau’s Le Devin du village

James Smith (University of Manchester), ‘Scribbling: Warburton-Derrida-Rousseau’

1.00-2.00         Lunch

2.00-3.45         Session 2: Memory, Romanticism and Modernism

Rowan Boyson (King’s College, Cambridge), ‘Feeling Agreeable: Gentle Pleasure from de Pouilly to Rousseau and British Romanticism’

Zoe Beenstock (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), ‘Romantic Form and Rousseau: Critiquing Du Contrat social in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Frankenstein

David Dwan (Queen’s University Belfast), ‘Rousseau and Modernism’

3.45-4.00         Tea/coffee

4.00-5.15         Session 3: Rousseau and the Novel

James Fowler (University of Kent), ‘La Nouvelle Héloïse: Rousseau’s “Richardsonian” Novel?’

Pascal Fischer (University of Würzburg), ‘”Not the Converts of Rousseau”: Educational Theory in Conservative English Novels c. 1800’

Helen Stark (Newcastle University), ‘Libertarian Masculinity in Rousseau’s Julie, ou La Nouvelle Héloïse and Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

5.15-6.30         A visit to Special Collections (Brotherton Library) and drinks

Friday 29 June 2012

9.30-10.45     Plenary 2

Robert Mankin (Université Paris-Diderot), ‘Did Gibbon Need Rousseau?’

10.45-11.00     Tea/coffee

11.00-12.45     Session 4: Nature, Culture, Politics

Miryam Giargia (University of Milan), ‘Rousseau and English Republicanism’

Joseph Pappin III (University of South Carolina), ‘Burke and Rousseau on the State of Nature and the Social Contract: Freedom and Authority’

Heather Williams (University of Wales), ‘”Le pays de Galles ressemble entièrement à la Suisse”: Rousseau and Wales’

12.45-2.00       Lunch

2.00-3.15         Session 5: Rousseau and P. B. Shelley

Rebecca Nesvet (University of North Carolina), ‘Writing Back to Rousseau: Shelley’s Critique of the Lettre à d’Alembert sur les spectacles

Thomas Roche (University of California, Santa Barbara), ‘Percy Shelley and Rousseau’s “pays des chimères”‘

3.15-3.30         Tea/coffee

3.30-4.45         Plenary 3

John T. Scott (University of California, Davis), ‘Rousseau Between Locke and Shaftesbury’

4.45-5.00         Concluding remarks: Russell Goulbourne and David Higgins


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